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“You’re ugly, you’re fat, you’re nothing, you’re not worth it,…”, those are sentences usually told to girls, teens or women as well. Those insults may be so easy to say to others, not knowing it could be hard and painful to the person they told it to. Some girls may ignore it but most gets hurt and become insecure. Insecurity makes girls change their appearance and use make up or maybe do thing that are not pleasing just to “fit in” and many more. But the question is, where does your security lie? We don’t please the world, but He alone. You being ugly? fat? nothing? worthless? That’s just the description of the world to you. What matters is what God thinks of you and He says “…you’re beautiful, my love, behold,   you’re beautiful!” If you are not their love, remember you are His love!

(via sweetpiepink)